Troubled Times

Article written by Andrea Otte

Feel Good Motivator

This is not going to be a long blog about the title, but about things you want and need to hear for those bold and fearless enough to listen and to open their hearts without judgement.

Let me remind you of the light in our lives.

In these days where there is so much of everything we tend to find ourselves lost .We have everything we need and still we make a mess of things.

“Let me remind you of all the light in our lives.”


People are still hungry or have no roof over their heads, animals still don’t get the respect they deserve, and we still consume more than we need. How is this possible?

All you see or hear is trouble in the news every day, for those who still listen to this nonsense, sorry but it’s true, for the media only tells you what it wants you to hear and most of all they want you to continue to live in fear.

Why do we live our life too often not thinking that what we do, even if it is tiny thing in our eyes, will make a difference? Because it will you know!

Anyway what I am trying to say is this, the world is such a beautiful place, with so many gorgeous and beautiful things like its fauna and flora for one, but their are also still good and fine human beings, despite the news you hear, as well as all the still existing majestic animals and all the other living creatures. We need to open our eyes and realize it.

We tend to forget this essential fact when we get distracted by our daily chores .

Everybody has stress and is bound to get a burn out or depression somewhere along the line of their short lives, because we tend to forget the basics of life. The roots, so to speak.

Why do we tolerate this, have you ever asked yourself this one question?

With the quote in mind, “We will cross that bridge when we come to it” , that bridge my dear friends, is now.

Those who have traveled and experienced the feeling of awe standing in an unknown place looking over our lives and feeling the needless suffering of the world, the nothingness and how really small we all actually are, know what I am talking about.

We get so sidetracked by everything that we forget the essence of our being, let alone the need for nourishment of the soul.

What if you got to do what you really wanted to do every day from now on, what would that be?

Now keep in mind the things you really need.

I myself have taken a little break from some things just to figure this one out.

“With the quote in mind, “We will cross that bridge when we come to it” , that bridge my dear friends, is now.”


The bubbly lightness of being
Feeling Good
What are the things you really need?
Isn’t that just love, happiness and a bubbly feeling of liveliness?
Sure we need some other basics like inner nourishment in the form of food and what else, what is it you need?
Is it a purpose, acknowledgement, success, tell me do these things really count?
I know this, we all live our life with some false belief probably told by our spouses or someone we undoubtedly believed, without asking questions.
I for one am asking myself so many questions these days, I wrote this poem a couple of days ago….
I wonder why I wonder so much…..

….I guess it’s because…
When we wonder our mind wanders
When our mind wanders we explore unknown territory
By exploring unknown territory we learn new thing
By learning new things we expand our consciousness
By expanding our conscience we see the bigger picture
And by seeing the bigger picture we learn that all is one
What a wonderful world this could be…..
Do you know how wonderful you really are?


Anyway in this troubled world we have never been so rich, so well informed ( if we dare to explore) and so capable of making our dreams a reality if we only have the balls to pursue them.

Never think something isn’t possible because it IS possible, all you have to do is believe.