The Magic of a Not so Far Away Land

Andrea Otte, Traveling Explorer, Belgium

01 September 2016

A country where mystery and magic are still one with nature. A place where you can actually feel the energy in the air, isn’t that what life is all about?

When I decided to book this trip, organized by a sweet friend of mine,Patricia Queritet, it was called “Gates to Inner Peace from Merlin to Avalon. Now we all know the story about King Arthur and the magic surrounding it, or at least some of it. Let me tell you that actually going there is so much better than the story, tag along as I will try to tell you about this trip the best way I know how.

You know how you sometimes wonder what it would be like to travel back into time? Wel, I actually went back to a place where it seems my heart has never left, a place so vibrant you can see the energy in the air, a place where the elves still talk to man and where men actually listen.

From Calais to the White Cliffs of Dover
Photograph by Andrea Otte

As soon as we went on the ferry from Calais to Dover, the adventure began. As we set foot on the England soil it felt like I was already bonding with a destination It seems I have met before. Maybe from books, maybe from documentaries, movies or maybe just because my soul was remembering something long forgotten.

As we arrived in the little town where we were staying, it felt like I had nothing more to say, just had to feel and undergo the changes that were programmed to happen.I don’t think I have ever been this quiet on a trip ever before.

“Sometimes it is easier to just let go, feel and melt away in an inner silence that is trying to show you your beautiful soul”

As we drove to Compton Dundon on the same evening of our arrival, a little tiny village just outside of Glastonbury, we searched for the small but beautiful church with a Yew Tree supposedly around 2000 years old. It is said that it is the tree of the dead, but I immediately said it was a tree of souls long before I googled or read any history about this very old and wise tree. How much history has this tree been a witness too, how many people have shed their tears to his thick but unconditional loving bark . All around this church there was a heartfelt peace an inner knowing that everything is going to be OK.

From Silbury Hill to the White Horse Trail to West Kenneth Long Barrow to Avery.

The day of what was going to be a not so easy search for crop circle,  started out hazy and feeling like I was not my own self. A feeling of despair, recognition and longing for something I couldn’t describe.
I was very lucky to be able to let go of some of my weariness and tears during the Tay Chi exercises given by a beautiful,powerful woman and friend named Anja.
Somehow I felt lighter that day.
A little disapointed when we just couldn’t seem to find the crop circle,  we decided to drive on to our next sacred exploration point.
Silbury Hill, supposedly a prehistoric artificial chalk mound near Avebury in the English county of Wiltshire, it is the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe and one of the largest in the world.
The weather was beautiful but unfortunately,  somehow I was not impressed by this hill.
Next on the list was West Kenneth Long Barrow an ancient burial site later used for rituals
Now this was a site to see for me at least.
As I walked up the mountain to get to the site, I really felt alive and sparkly playful, once arrived at the top I was totally mesmerized by the strange clouds above.
I was sure there were dragons there, and it was very comforting for me.
The cave itself is very impressive and somehow peacefully vibrant.

The White Horse
Photograph by Andrea Otte
Dragon like clouds and face
Photograph by Andrea Otte
West Kenneth Long Borrow Cave
Photograph by Andrea Otte

“Our next stop was to be Avebury known for its unique stone circles of about 98 stones that are left out of what was thought to be around 600 stones.”

Most people come for the stones, which are very impressive especially the sun, moon and heart stones, but I came for the most beautiful tree of hope.
At least that is what I call this powerful tree, because of its limitless root network reaching down across the hill.
People come here for prayer, love and it’s old wisdom. Many prayers hanging from the tree give it a fairy-like vibe of which I am becoming more and more familiar with. I always wonder, if a tree like this could talk, what would it want to tell me if anything ?
That night we ended up in King Arthur’s pub sipping on a local cidre, this was very welcoming for me because the energy I felt was still heavily loaded in my heart.

“People come here for prayer, love and it’s old wisdom.”

The tree of hope.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Prayers of people with dreams.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Me enjoying the wisdom of the tree.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The following day was to be a visit to the church of Maria Magdalene and a ritual bathing in the sacred White Springs of Glastonbury.

The church supposedly to be a quiet sanctuary for those who seek a holy feminine energy was filled with Spanish tourists who just didn’t want to shut up.
The energy of the moment was as chaotic as its visitors,  but somehow we managed to regain the peace and quiet that honoured this soft energetic place.
The white Springs
It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow.
The candle lit cave was very impressive and cold, as I thought not to have brought something warmer.
The ritual was very emotional and beautiful at the same time.
As we received the Rite of the womb blessing we were honoured by each other’s unique and soft comforting company.
We were born anew.
The rest of the day was blessed by a small but fun shopping spree in the expensive town of Glastonbury.

Beautiful stone at the entrance of Mary Magdalens Church.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The tiny but lovely flower garden at Mary Magdalens Church.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The iron filled White Springs of Glastenbury.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

This is the day I would like to be remembered as one of the most amazing days on this trip, because I didn’t yet know what was to come.

In the morning, or rather night, we had to get up at the ungodly hour of 4 am, because of our private sitting between the stones of Stonehenge.
Wow is the feeling I remember walking towards the stones on one of the most beautiful sunrises ever. The excitement that runs through your veins at the sight of these ancient stones is something, I admit, you have to see at least once in your lifetime. I feel lucky.
As I took off my shoes and walked barefoot among the stones, I remember feeling very warm and calm beneath this early morning sky.
It felt really special having seen this ancient monument from up close, knowing many rituals have been done here a long time ago, and remember wondering if I had already been here before.
As soon as we walked back to the bus the guard immediately put our floating and mothered feeling feet back on the earth….. Bam what kind of bully behavior was this guy’s problem, we tried to remain in the positive vibe as well we knew how.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Photograph by Andrea Otte
Photograph by Andrea Otte


Photograph by Andrea Otte

Lunch on two mounds facing stonehenge was a welcoming inner soothing for all.

After our soothing lunch, the group of 9 split up to 4 because this was our last chance to find a crop circle and I wasn’t going to miss this one.
Luckily we met someone, who had been to the one we were searching for, the day before at the West Kenneth Long Barrow.Without his tips I think we probably would have given up, but then it happened. Daphne, who had her I phone for guide, saw something in a remote distance that looked like something in the field. I was already walking that way, for my gut feeling was guiding me.As a matter of fact, if the sweet little old lady we met a day ago, who guided us in the wrong direction, we probably would have found it sooner.
As we walked toward the formation

I cannot describe the feeling of actually finding it. Hallelujah , wow, O my Gooooood, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Beautifully folded wheat was noticeable and for us definitely made by aliens.
The vibe was playful and powerful.This day couldn’t go wrong whatever would happen, we felt like kings and Queens.
Totally excited by our finds we told the rest of the group and somehow they felt like they missed something unique.


Photograph by Andrea Otte

Cubicle cropcircle at Nursteed Farm, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. August 2016

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Heavens gate at Longleaf is another not to miss site as you walk through a beautiful forest. It surely made me stay in the science fiction vibe I was definitely still in after  having seen my very first live crop circle.

The Stargate sculpture made me think of the movie and wanted me as in the end movie to be able to visit another world.
There was also a swing that when sitting on you were flying in the air, that was as close as I got visiting another world that day.
Next on the agenda was Tor and a voyage through the chakra’s as we climbed to this sacred point of Glastonbury.
Mark made us feel, experience and stand in awe with the special power and portal named Tor.
Glastonbury Tor is a conical hill in Glastonbury, England, which is topped by a 14th-century church tower. Rich in legend and mythological associations, Glastonbury Tor may have been a place of ancient ritual and it was certainly a place of pilgrimage for Catholics in medieval times. Today, it is a popular destination for visiting tourists, Grail theorists, ley-line enthusiasts, and those who make the climb to enjoy its sweeping view of Somerset countryside.
Once on top of the hill I was mentally catapulted in the universe and it’s power.
Some people started singing and it was the most beautiful sounds that could be made at that particular moment.
As this day ended we all dreamed our own dreams and felt what we felt very individually.


Photograph by Andrea Otte

Me on a swing.

Photograph by Andrea Otte


Photograph by Andrea Otte

Our next destination was Cornwall another place I thought I was never been before.

Flowers of St Nectan’s Glenn
Photograph by Andrea Otte
As we arrived in the tiny village of Bostcastle where we all got assigned our combined rooms, we all fell in love almost instantly with the town, it’s inhabitants and our hotel.
As we left for St Nectan’s Glenn I felt magically light and free , I guess Glastonbury does have a totally different energy even so to those who think they don’t feel anything at all.
The church before the entrance to St nectan’s Glenn was small but very loving in nature.

The lovely little streams at St Nectan’s Glenn.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Me at another portal between two worlds.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Different type of prayer like structure.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The feeling I had when walking through this magical, colourful and fairylike forest was so very playfull and beautiful.It made me want to skip around like a child and whistle a tune, as we eventually did on our way home.
I couldn’t seem to stop wanting to try and get everything on photo I think I must have looked like one of those Asian people always getting everything on camera.
Again it was time for another baptism or birth, but this time by the power of a waterfall.
Again I wasn’t cold at all and felt vibrantly alive by this magical water bath.
This forest made be sure that fairies and elemental earth creatures really do exist, I think I even have one on a photograph somewhere.

A hidden waterfall around the corner.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Another place with dreamy like prayers.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The beautiful magic waterfall.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

A delicious and refined dinner made by Lancelot, as we apparently had the loving vibes and this poor unknowing French cook was our night in shining armour.

I’m sure he noticed our happiness and laughter as a thankful compliment to the tasty food he had made us enjoy.

On our after dinner digestive walk in the dark I saw three falling stars and knew right there and then this trip had more to show me.

Holywell Beach
Photograph by Andrea Otte

As we woke up after a dreamy sleep we had a breakfast made for royalty.Even though I am not a breakfast person, I tried my best and surprisingly enjoyed every bite.We were to go to Holywell bay and visit a cave only approachable at receding tide so which meant we had to be there before 13:00.Everything that morning told me we weren’t going to make it, which unfortunately we didn’t. Stil the beach had do much beauty and of course the ocean …. The ocean is always soothing for the soul especially on a sunny day.We enjoyed a different type of cave for the one we were to visit was flouded already.As one of our group members Vino wanted to eat Fish and Chips for her first time, we all enjoyed the taste of the ocean and a nice local Somerset Cidre to go with it.Another day of beauty and wonder even if it was disapointing at first we all loved the sunny salty sea breath on our skin.

Dune thistle

Photograph by Andrea Otte

A little cave.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The soft cave walls formed by the ocean water.

Photograph by Andrea Otte
Photograph by Andrea Otte
Photograph by Andrea Otte

Last stop of the day was Tintagel the place of Camelot or the castle of king Arthur.

Another climb of the mysterious and beauty of times long gone.The ruins of a castle which grandeur must once have expressed great power and magic overlooking the ocean and land. So this is the place where legends were made and magic revealed.

Ruins of the King Arthur Castle

Photograph by Andrea Otte

A window of beauty.

Photograph by Andrea Otte

The bird that followed me the whole trip.

Huggin the Raven?

Photograph by Andrea Otte

Our journey was coming to an end and the rain was expressing what I felt in my heart.

Thankful for all I had experienced, seen and felt,I was longing for home and the arms of my loving man, but my heart felt sad of leaving my maybe rediscovered past or perhaps past life memories.

As we walked towards the dragon cliff like ocean shore we played a song of Avalon and held each other as we made peace with all our experiences and impressions of this adventurous trip.

This trip was one of many impressions and experiences, that had me spinning for a couple of days when finally arriving home.

Some places will see me again one day, of this I am sure.


Life is like a labyrint, we are all searching for the center.

Magic is everywhere for those who look.

Back to reality Now.