Label-ism ….

Andrea Otte

“Label-ism” is one of the most sensitive words on this planet and not even in the dictionary.
#Labelism has got me all tangled up inside, so bear with me on trying to explain…..
Have you ever tried to describe somebody without using some type of label or word to describe them?
Oh yes, aren’t we all guilty of labeling people. Don’t we label people without really getting to know them? Because then again, do you ever totally know a person, better than the person him or herself? Are you not at one point or another in your life guilty of label-ism? I know I am.

I am not talking about clothes but about people here and I would like to explain it the best I can.

Isn’t that how we acknowledge people in this chaotic world?

Now I wonder and ask you if this is a good or a bad thing.





Before you get all defensive and say I got it all wrong, isn’t label-ism how we describe people.

Sure labels can be used in a hurtful way but you can do that with all words. Depending on how you enunciate what you want to say. Aren’t they just words though, that we, give certain power?

Labels are for clothes


Maybe it is our lesson to just see the good in any type of label-ism.

For example saying someone is strong and vulnerable and maybe a bit of a nut at times wouldn’t bother me one bit, but could hurt the person you tell it to. It all depends on how well this person accepts and really knows who he or she is.

Self-knowledge and self-love really has to be taught here.

Maybe we shouldn’t take everything so seriously.




If I see a colored person let’s say with dark colored skin, I see beauty, strength and skin that doesn’t age rapidly.

When I see a Jewish person I see both emotional pasts and a culture I don’t know well enough to judge so it would really want me to get to know this person better.

When I see a Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean person don’t we all think about the food we like and all too easily call them Chinese?

When I see a Muslim, I see the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, do we dare to see their beauty inside and out, or are we filled with fear because of the latest news updates.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is around all this diversity we use what we know, see or hear.
An educated man or woman and by that I mean psychological as well as emotionally evolved is the master-key here.
Isn’t label-ism all about judgement, and I mean this in a positive way and acceptance?
Judgement doesn’t have to be as heavy as it sounds.
Wouldn’t you rather hire a person who is strong, dependable, creative, a team player and fun to work with.
What if there were no labels, what if we just prefer not to need or use label-ism. Wouldn’t that just complicate life for just no reason.
Some examples …..

If being spiritual means, love for the earth or being happy in nature, or kindness and compassionate behavior for all living beings, simply trying to do the best you know how;

If being named a hippie means you are all about love, peace and happiness and like to wear flowers in your hair;

If being called authentic, strange or weird is what separates you from the norm by surprising people with your sometimes odd behavior;

If being called white means being able to use your brains, like any skin color by the way because inside we all have the same flesh colors, to get to know the world better and notice different skin colors by the uniqueness and beauty that they are;

If being called a dreamer makes you one who loves to use her or his imagination and dream out loud, or escape reality once in a while, even if some people disagree or are do not really understand you;

If being a loveguru means that you believe all is love and like to spread that word around like it is free because it simply is free and just because it is the best feeling in the world;

“Then by all means please call me the #white #spiritual #hippie who is #strange #weird but the #authentic #dreamer and #loveguru that I am.”

Andrea Otte

I still think we need labels simply because it makes us who we are and we are all ok the way we are. #Words are #Power and power is too easily misused or abused.

Get to know yourself people and accept, acknowledge who you truly are, your heritage, your skin color, your character, all your flaws…… Just love who you are. It is as simple as that. Because then and only then, will labels or words meant to hurt you, have absolutely no power over you.

Don’t use label-ism as an excuse to spread hatred or diversity of an alienating kind, we are all one and the same on the inside anyway. You were mostly born out of love and love will take you back if you really want it to.

Children don’t know labels to them you are just a person with a different skin color or a bit mote eccentric than another. Use your words wisely.

Life is too short for not living your daily lives with acceptance and love in your heart.


In the end all that really matters is love, always love.

#Love and #Peace out beautiful brothers and sisters.

Andrea Otte