Fortune or Fame?

Andrea Otte

Feel Good Coach Of The Feel Good Academy

What is it with this thing about the hunger and need to be successful, for being noticed in what we do or just wanting to be seen?
Does this really give us more purpose in life or is there something else going on?
Tag along with me here on what I am trying to say ……

“Life isn’t always about Lollipos and Rainbows.”

Andrea Otte

As I am writing this I remember the movie “Into The Wild”, about this guy who wanders of into the wilderness trying to survive on his own.
I especially remember when he writes “Happiness is only real when shared”
It makes me wonder …. Eventhough we are perfectly capable of experiencing happy moments while being on our own, I guess we have the need to tell others about our happy moments.
Don’t we all feel better when we can share our good vibes, isn’t that a part of the meaning of life?
It is true, that what I am trying to do with The Feel Good Academy supports this thought.
But see, here is my point, life isn’t always about lollipos and rainbows, and sometimes we do need to know about life’s challenges and how shitty it all can be at times.

“We all have our own story to tell.”

Andrea Otte



I have experienced so many challenges in life, that I feel the need to help people who are in the same negative spiral as I once was, and really want to get out of this downward spiral, but do not know how to do that yet.
Like all people, we all have a story to tell.
And I believe by sharing our raw stories, without the photoshop, we can learn from each other in so many ways.
My life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, mostly downs,  till I was about thirty years of age, then something happened, a sort of switch in my head actually, that made me realize that I had been doing things the wrong way.
I didn’t want to be a victim of my own drama any longer.
Even though there really isn’t a wrong or right way of experiencing things, for it teaches us what we need to learn, I found out that I could have been soooo much happier way sooner.
By that I mean that I realized I was creating my own life and not creating a very happy one at that.
From then on, in the beginning of my thirties, I started reeducating myself on different subjects through books, documentaries, workshops, people that inspired me, different courses etc….
Now going on fifty it is time, time to step out into the world and be seen.
But what does it really mean to be successful?
I have asked myself this question over and over.
Is it actually only about Marketing, Hashtags, Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media promoting?
I don’t believe so, because in person, most of the people actually aren’t even like the way or how they are being promoted on these campaigns.
I believe in real and down to earth communication and heart to heart connection, call me old fashioned but all that media promoting is so very tiring and time consuming taking the essence away from the source so to speak, if you know what I mean…
I hear you thinking, I have asked myself the question if I was just being lazy for not wanting to take the time doing all this promoting, but no that is not it, I still think that there are more important things to do than promotional marketing or personal branding. People and things are so over advertised, it’s scary, I understand that people do not know what or who to choose from anymore.
“Being fortunate equals being grateful and that is the start of all things serendipitous.”

Andrea Otte

We naturally tend to compare ourselves to others and that is so what we actually shouldn’t do, because they are not me or you for that matter. Believe me I catch myself doing this once in a while also, so I am telling this same fact to myself as I am writing this too.
So if I had to choose between fortune or fame, I will choose fortune every time.
Because being fortunate equals being grateful and that is the start of all things serendipitous.
Anyway, I for one would love to meet more people who want to grow and share their story, who truly want to feel good about life, or at least those who want to learn new and creative ways on how to accomplish feeling good and the ability to add more positivity to their life, in short frankly all people who could use that magical spark of my Feel good wisdom.

“Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard The Feel Good Academy Aircraft.

For your safety, all passengers are kindly requested to refrain from smoking and using portable telephones, televisions, cd players, or fm radios in the cabin.

The fasten your seat belt sign is now on, let us enjoy this feel good vibe ride …….

So this is my way of me putting myself out there at this particular time …..with a little help of photofunia pictures in this blog, because I , like all of you, do have a story to tell, many golden tips and creative ways to share on how to really feel good about everything in life, including the ups and the downs, but especially feeling good about the self, for those who are willing to hear.

My conclusion is as follows; Feeling Good, will definetely and most importantly, improve a better quality of life.

I truly and deeply believe that the right people will come to me at the right time but for now, I keep on wondering…