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I Am So Proud To Present My New Portfolio & Photography Page

Ik Ben Zo Trots Op Mijn Nieuwe Portfolio & Foto Pagina

I Am So Proud To Present My New

Ik Ben Zo Trots Op Mijn Nieuwe

Join The Feel Good Vibe

GOOD VIBES Join the Feel Good Vibe Andrea Otte July 2016 Lieve man, vrouw, Ik heb een droom, de droom om een "wave" te creëren met The Feel Good Vibe, een soort van “ripple”of golf effect dus. Mijn wens is dan ook iedereen mee te laten ervaren hoe het is om je goed te...


Label-ism .... Andrea Otte "Label-ism” is one of the most sensitive words on this planet and not even in the dictionary. #Labelism has got me all tangled up inside, so bear with me on trying to explain..... Have you ever tried to describe somebody without using some...

The magic of a Not so Far Away Land

TRAVELS The Magic of a Not so Far Away Land Andrea Otte, Traveling Explorer, Belgium 01 September 2016 A country where mystery and magic are still one with nature. A place where you can actually feel the energy in the air, isn't that what life is all about? When I...

Secret Ingredients of a Fantasy Island

Secret Ingredients of a Fantasy Island Andrea Otte Exploring Traveler Love, nature, sunshine, beach, flowers, a beautiful island away from all the madness and last but not least, you sipping on a cocktail wearing flip flops. Doesn't this cover all the ingredients you...

Something Crazy Called Love

Artikel geschreven door  Andrea Otte Over Liefde        Liefde........... Wat is liefde eigenlijk? Waarom wordt er toch zoveel over gezongen en, geschreven. Vanaf het moment dat we een celletje zijn tot het moment dat we sterven is liefde de  belangrijkste maar ook de...

Troubled Times

Troubled Times Article written by Andrea Otte Feel Good Motivator This is not going to be a long blog about the title, but about things you want and need to hear for those bold and fearless enough to listen and to open their hearts without judgement. Let me remind you...

Fortune Or Fame

Fortune or Fame? Andrea Otte Feel Good Coach Of The Feel Good Academy What is it with this thing about the hunger and need to be successful, for being noticed in what we do or just wanting to be seen? Does this really give us more purpose in life or is there something...

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